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1. Before the Storm, Celia Dropkin

The air feels close and heavy, the sky, low and grey. Shadows are lost in the blue dark.

The sky's gray glances are wild and hot. Palely creeping under them comes smoke from factories.

The smoke from the factories is like froth on the sea. The dark-gray, rigid fence is made of cloudy bridges.

The bridges are splitting, severed by fiery saws: two doves flit away to hide from the rain.

2. Mayari, the lyrics are mysterious

3. Honey, Yvonne Eckert und Dela Hüttner

Honey, you look at me and I see a smile, but honey, your smile is so fake. It hurts so much and I feel so fragile, honey, my tears can fill a lake.

You think you're so hot / a god / the g.o.a.t. / the jackpot, but you should know you are not. I want to travel far away, but how can I go and you will stay?

Honey, we used to talk and laugh a lot, honey, our ties seemed so strong. Come on, give our love a last shot, don't leave me feeling all wrong!

4. I'm Nobody, Emily Dickinson

I'm nobody, who are you? Are you - nobody - too? Then there's a pair of us! Don't tell, they'd advertise, you know!

How dreary - to be - somebody! How public - like a frog - to tell one's name - the livelong june - to an admiring bog!

5. Your Eyes, Celia Dropkin

A deep green summer is in your eyes, a summer that pulses from your warm heart, a summer with a song in its branches, branches that shadow darkly.

I will go where your eyes lead me, through fields, valleys, through a dense forest where paths are crooked and curved and quiet darkness holds you in its arms.

6. The Mermaid Song, Keller/Calloway, additional verse Dela Hüttner

I went down to the sea one day to see the fish jump around and play, watch the mermaid swing and sway to the music of the sea. I went down to the sea one day, to see the sun drive the clouds away, watch the sailboats rock'n'roll to the music of the sea. And I met a lovely maiden on that midday afternoon. She promised she would wed me on a summer day next june.

But it was only a dream that day, her old man Neptun came up to say: Flap your fins and swim away, you'd be wrong back in the sea.

Cruise ships wreck the harmony, the fish dials nine one one, the mindless traveller doesn't care, the harm's not for him to bear.

And it is only a dream that day, the old man Neptun came up to say: protect our seas and go away, you do not belong

on the sea!

7. La lune blanche, Paul Verlaine

La lune blanche luit dans les bois; de chaque branche part une voix, sous la ramée ... ô bien aimée.

L'étang reflète profond miroir, la silhouette du saule noir, où le vent pleure ... rêvons, c'est l'heure.

Un vaste et tendre apaisement semble descendre du firmament, que l'astre irise ... c'est l'heure exquise.

8. Quiet Love, Dela Hüttner

Sleep well, dear, smile, my love. Dream well, dear, keep well, my love. Your tender heart will beat, your smile will give, feel beeing shepherded, feel loved.

9. What Counts? Dela Hüttner

I don't mind their hair-dos, I don't mind their ties. I don't mind present itself, I don't mind their lifes.

I don't mind their paunches, I don't mind their teeth. I don't mind their simplications, but why won't they let us breathe?

Dignity counts, empathy counts, opinions count, as well. And who is right? And who is bright? And how should we decide?

I don't mind their clear words, I don't mind their dramas. I don't mind their wish to preserve, but why are they spitting like lamas?

Define yourself, get involved, and stand up for your rights. Don't let your fear paralyse you, don't hesitate for the truth!

Do not look down on the others, take a look in the mirror: what counts?

10. My Ship, Celia Dropkin

My ship has weathered many storms: a mere boy like you can't break my heart. Don't be surprised to find me laughing and lively the day after you say you don't love me anymore.

My ship will shake all night on high waves. It will groan like a sick child. It will bend to the side like an old woman. But in the morning, it will right itself and sail, silent on the blue surface.

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